Individual Empowered Wellness


Learn to listen to your body...



Individual Empowered Wellness is the core intention of Boston Āyurveda Inc. because we understand that you are the sole benefactor of your health. Therefore, that makes you the focus of any effort to create a positive change in your well being. Counselors and practitioners are available for support and guidance in the process, however, you play the primary role when it comes to choice and adherence to diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Through an individualized approach and specific plan, we hope to encourage the confidence of those who are willing to strive for physical and mental wellness. Daily choices and exposures such as what you do and how you do it, can have a cumulative effect on your body and mind. Understanding the impact of your choices allows you to make informed decisions about what may be useful for you or what may not agree with your unique constitution.

Āyurveda as a holistic science, recognizes the tendencies of an individual as explained in the concept of Prakṛti (individual constitution or mind-body type). Just as our environment has many unique qualities and manifests as a variety of geographical regions, seasons and landscapes, the human body unfolds to become its own expression of those same components. Identifying the predominant mechanisms allows us to have a deeper understanding of the individual’s tendencies and preferences. With this approach, Āyurvedic therapeutic design is meant to understand your needs and create a strategy to promote health.


Āyurvedic Consultations consist of the following:

  1.   Identifying and understanding your current state of health
  2.   Discussing factors or changes you are experiencing in your health and well being
  3.   Investigating your diet and lifestyle trends
  4.   Determining your long-term goal of health. Where would you like to be…
  5.   Strategizing to help improve your physical and emotional well being


What to Expect:

Questions about the following:

·        Symptoms that are concerning you

·        Past health issues, pre existing conditions

·        Current diet, food sensitivities, and preferences  

·        Sleep and evacuation patterns, past, and present  

·        Factors which may impair your mental health


Follow Ups:

A follow up is a check in regarding changes that you observe or questions regarding your plan. We encourage an open dialogue to support you in this process. Follow ups are scheduled a minimum of 60 days after the initial consultation. It takes time to incorporate new techniques, so it is important to give yourself the time to adjust and work with your plan.



Initial Consultations         : $150 / 90 mins

Follow ups                       : $ 90 / 60 mins

We accept cash or checks.



Practitioners at Boston Āyurveda Inc. do not claim to be licensed physicians under the state of Massachusetts nor have the intent to “diagnose, prescribe, or treat”. We are practitioners of the traditional system of Āyurveda and limit our advice to diet and lifestyle factors which might be supportive to one’s health.  Our services do not address prescribed medication, surgical procedures, or treatment strategies as prescribed by a medical professional.

Āyurveda is a complementary system, NOT currently licensed by the State of Massachusetts.